Myself and Dabs worked on the ‘Fruit and Veg’ aisle together for some time. There were many amusing stories that spring to mind but one sticks out in my memory. We were both in the warehouse, disposing of our rubbish which included all sorts including ‘damaged goods’. This particular time was near to Christmas so Brussell Sprouts were in. We both had a few loose ones knocking about so being boys decided to start lobbing them at each other. The first few shots from both sides were pretty mild but as it went on the sprouts picked up a bit of speed and their accuracy improved. After a couple of near misses using his trusty shield (empty box) to deflect anything that came near his head, I launched one at the direction of his head just as he lowered his shield. SMACK! Right in the middle of his forehead. His face was a picture and I was nearly on the floor with laughter. I thought he took it quite well considering it left a nice red mark on his head, and walked around for the rest of the day feeling quite smug telling him he had no chance of pulling that night. I never suspected or saw the ‘flying swede’ that came right at me later that same day. He laughed so hard I thought he was going to wet himself.