John (Dabbs)

When Adam was 18 he decided that he didn’t want to go on holiday with his Mum, Dad and Sister, so he was trusted to stay on his own for a week. He was asked to do a couple of things whilst everyone was away: 1. Get his Mini MOT’d, 2. Don’t drive his Dad’s company car as he wasn’t insured until he was 19, 3. Cut the lawn, 4. Look after the house and 5. Pick everyone up from the airport. When Adam met everyone at the airport, he was grinning and asked ‘guess what car I’ve come to pick you up in?’ he had driven down in the company car but assured them that the car was safe, when asked where his car was he just grinned and declared that he’d ripped the handbrake out of the floor so it couldn’t be MOT’d. His Dad then asked if he’d managed to cut the lawn and he just grinned some more and said that he’d tried to but the lawn mower had mysteriously blown up. On returning home everyone got their suitcases out of the car and went into the house. His Dad went straight to the downstairs cloakroom but couldn’t get in, Adam then looked slightly worried and said that he’d forgotten to mention that one of his friends had sat on the sink and pulled it off the wall and it was now being propped up by a plank of wood but that everything was o.k. as he’d had a plummer in to fix it and all would be fine once the plaster dried – fortunately this was the only damage after the neighbours subsequently reported to be ‘quite a party’!