The most memorable time and what will always remind me of Adam was bonfire night. I was in a rented house with a large garden and we decided to get some fireworks and have a bit of a display. We had set off quite a few when Adam went to set off a traffic light. We read the instructions, did everything by the book. I was stood on the edge of the garden and Adam lit the firework and retreated to a safe distance a couple of meters ahead of me. The first traffic light went up a bright red light; there I am looking at the sky admiring the bright light as it gently drifts through the sky. The second traffic light goes; I heard the sound but when I looked at the sky I couldn’t see anything. The next thing I saw was Adam and his friend Jim, running past me at pace and diving behind the garden shed. I was thinking that’s a bit weird why have then done that? I knew the answer quite quickly . Unfortunately the traffic light had fallen over and was pointing towards my house. I can only descibe it like a scene from a Vietnam movie – my house was now in direct line of a multi coloured rocket propelled grenade. The next light hit 2 feet below the window; the fact that the house was made of wood was a distinct disadvantage. The next one hit a foot below the window. I knew the next one was going through the window and burning down the house. It never came. I hadn’t moved from the garden but was joined by Adam who put his arm around my shoulders and just grinned. We both cracked up laughing – the only thing you could do in the circumstances, is have a few beers which we did.